Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Welcome To Sara's World

So it is with some trepidation that I put fingers to keyboard and start the Sara Berman blog. I do realize how important it is to  ‘communicate our brand message’, to engage you all in the World of Sara Berman. However I am also aware that it is a slippery slope from here on in. It is only a matter of time before I get over familiar and over exposed.

I have learned the hard way that any publicity carries its downside. A bit like the time I did a shoot with Living Etc ‘at home’…. I am sure you can imagine it… Amiee and I laying on a leopard print divan, laying on a cream sofa, laying on each other and rubbing cupcakes from the Primrose Hill Bakery on to our thighs... Obviously they cut all of that (including Sara’s Sister) from the shoot itself leaving us with a very chic piece which I was proud to show Granny G. However all the glory was blown to bits when a reader wrote in to the magazine the following month to kindly let me know that my bedroom wallpaper is upside down. Clearly I was previously blissfully unaware of my huge interiors faux pas and now lay in bed at night staring at said wallpaper and nervously trying to broach the subject with Handsome D. It goes without saying that Handsome is not interested but did offer the helpful solution that I might feel better about it if I stand on my head.

But all that blatant self promotion aside, it is time I started  ‘communicating our brand message’. It is essential that I raise our Google Rankings, Engage our Customer and create an Online Community. From here on in I will be letting you know about all our new collections, our inspirations and creative musings. You will be duly informed as to who I am sleeping with (last night my daughter provided animated company at 4am), who I fancy (Handsome-you know who you are) and where I am going on holiday (generally wherever Sara’s Sister goes her little lamb will follow). Clearly this will be fascinating for you all and our Google Rankings will go through the roof.

So in anticipation of more blogs to come I want to provide you with a glossary of terms to help you navigate the World of Sara Berman.


  • Sara’s Sister - Amiee. Frankly she says being my sister is truly a full time occupation and she is challenged and fulfilled on a daily basis.
  • The Oracle (Mrs B to you Ads)– Our mum Helene. Famous for her hats. An enigma wrapped in a mystery, wearing Moschino.
  • Handsome D – My ridiculously good looking husband who in more prosperous times won the Best Dressed Banker award. Twice.
  • Dog-Sara’s Sister’s husband. Needs long walks, regular feeding and the odd pat on the head. Enthusiastic licker.
  • The Boss-Danielle our production manager. We know where our bread is buttered.
  • Grandfather - Super Stylist and photographer extraordinaire
  • Milly - Joint CEO of Sara Berman. Milly would also like it known that her Great Aunt won Best of Breed at Crufts. Pedigree never dies.

*Sara Berman reserves the right to amend, update and strike off according to the social standing of the people concerned at any time. You have been warned.


  1. Am so glad to see your new blog Sara! Regards, John Maeda