Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Catch-up!

Apologies. It has been too long... But it is only now that I am lying on a beach and sufficiently recovered that I feel the urge to put finger to blackberry and fill you in on the past month. It has been a bit nuts to say the least. We started with Handsome’s 40th birthday party which he shared with his twin bro. We decided to recapture their youth and throw an old skool house party in their family home in Holland Park. Dan Williams DJ'd and frankly brought the house down with his 80's mixes and 70's funk and at some point in the early hours the council took it upon themselves to pay us a visit... Nothing changes! Everyone was on great form with some rocking outfits and dancing into the wee hours. Mum is now best buddies with Jade Jagger and Amiee and I left for Paris with no voices and major hangovers!

The Paris show at RMO showroom was 2 weeks of full on fashwani. I am pretty fluent now. I realised that I had graduated to a whole new level when I heard myself telling my friend Olivia that I was 'really driven by trousers right now'. I kid you not- shoot me now...

The Showroom in Paris