Thursday, 11 March 2010

Parisian Fashion Finale

My oh my how time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe how the past 3 weeks have slipped by and at the same time it feels as though we are somehow at the end of the most epic selling season ever! It started with London, then to NYC and now finally we are finishing in Paris. And it has been great. These last 2 weeks we have been ensconced in our Paris showroom watching the great and good of the fashion world ebb and flow through the doors. Honestly the best people watching ever. You know it is a good crowd when the man in the suit is the one that stands out like a sore thumb. I mean honestly - a suit on planet fashion! The only conclusion I can come to is that the guy must have thought he was being ironic. 

Our collection set out in the showroom

Amiee and me amongst the rails

May in our Dan Baldwin Tux Dress

Back of the dress!

The great thing about being in the showroom is the mix of people. You get your full on fashionistas who as one buyer said are ‘living the trend’ (this particular one was from a Japanese store whose seasonal trend was gothic chic and entailed her wondering around in a silk dressing gown, loads of black eyeliner and a monobrow!) to the serious buyers with the weight of their budget on their shoulders (and the weight of their fabulous bags on their arms) to the uber trendy boutique owners wondering around in Rick Owens AW 2012 collection.  

Katie and Amiee

Me and Harris Elliot

However my personal favourite fashion moment was when a buyer from Singapore came through. Big hair, big shoes, big bag, huge, huge fur coat. So I asked her what it was-you know rabbit, fox, beaver... Givenchy she deadpanned. There was a moment of disconnect and then I got the giggles and she looked at me like I was literally about to be her next victim! Obviously Cruella didn’t buy from us this season.

Katie and Amiee working hard

Models in the showroom

The other great thing about the showroom is the action. There are always great appointments and it is like having a constant catwalk show going on as the models wonder round in Markus Lupfer, Jonathan Saunders and Emma Cook. I can tell you now that Emma Cook’s new AW10 collection is fab and the Clements Ribeiro cashmere is literally to die for. I am also coveting a laptop bag from H by Harris (purple), the whole Dominic Jones collection (bugs and slugs) and a pair of Prism glasses. There is also a lovely leopard print (you know our love for the leopard) bag by Anya Hindmarch which I am grappling with my conscience over...Working in fashion is very, very expensive.

Gret and Jemima - the uber fabulous sales team at Anya Hindmarch

Lovely model Catherine

Model Magic


  1. Sara,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and for stopping by! It sounds like you had a fab 3 weeks and everything went really well. I love the Tux dress!

  2. Sara,
    Thanks so much for commenting and visiting my blog! It sounds like you had a fab three weeks and everything went well. I love the tux dress!

  3. The tux dress is a killer! I love it!