Friday, 14 January 2011

January Blues

I hate January. I hate it more now that I did last week when I was still able to muster enthusiasm for the idea of a New Year. Now I realise that it is just the same as last year but probably wetter, colder and more depressing. Judging from the chatter at the school gates divorce is looking like the new black as we hover hopefully under the inspirational idea that if we trade in our partners it might at the very least add some excitement to the grey days stretching ahead. It might also help in the hopeful but hopeless endeavour of getting our children to school on time. Surely a newer, keener partner might be a more active participant in the daily ritual of wake, shout, shove and drive that is life in central London? At least for the first year.

So bearing in mind that my day generally starts with a row, progresses to a trawl through traffic in the rain, bum fight for a space within walking distance to the school (in heels), throw Ginger # 1 into a class room and then collapse in the car for a cigarette you will forgive me if I don’t have fashionable inspirations in abundance. Actually the AW11 collection is pretty much under control.

This is mainly due to the military operation that my right hand Danielle subjected me to in the pre Xmas period. Whilst I was dreaming of a white Xmas and little men in green tights, she was cracking the whip and getting all those samples in. And now are only missing 2 bags and 3 dresses which were due in today. Which leaves me the time to consider my New Year’s resolutions. But before I do I wanted to check out last years (clearly not having looked at them since Jan 30) to see how I did….

Resolutions 2010

1: Read 1 ‘good’ book a month. I will finish Candide (3 years in the trying) and Penny Vincenzi (my guilty secret) doesn’t count.

Still not finished Candide… However did read a number of other amazing books and very possibly 12 of them. In fact maybe more. Ha!

2: Become the mistress of my kitchen. Last year I became a passably proficient cook. This year I will be a culinary sensation.

Well I did try and certainly managed to perfect a great vegetarian tart, a wonderful tomato bruschetta and a passable pea soup. Listen-I will never be able to stuff a mushroom but I do have a knack for selecting lovely friends and making merry and surely that’s the point?

3: Move my skinny self. My body is a stranger to muscle tone and this year, as I edge ever closer to my mid 30’s is the perfect time to introduce those duelling factions before my arse hits the floor. 

I did (in fairness to myself) start the year with all good intentions and invested heavily in the leanest, meanest trainer money could buy. But the challenge was too great even for him and in April my non existent stomach muscles meant that I totally messed up my back when picking up Ginger #2. After a week of hobbling around and taking drugs which would anaesthatise an elephant (but curiously I was able to metabolize with little problem and actually would recommend to anyone feeling a little stressed) I found the wonderful Chris who has been fixing me ever since. He is a genius and when not looking after Prima ballerinas and F1 drivers he has the honour of pushing and shoving my pathetic body around and actually has done an amazing job. I am tottering around in 5” heels like nothing ever happened. And every Monday he sorts it out again! This year I really will address this. Really. Not joking. No laughing matter.

4: Learn a language. My French is bordering on embarrassing and speaking to our Italian factory is an exercise in hilariarity. Time to get a grip on those verbs and pronouns before I order 200 purple suitcases.

Again, we did try… Danielle bought a teach your self Italian CD (the same one I have had in the cupboard behind my desk for nearly 4 years) and we did intend to get busy with it… But working life got in the way. As did the 75 yellow suitcases. Not great.

5: Archive my wardrobe and build a studio. Perk of the job means that I have, over the years acquired a ridiculous amount of clothes which aside from being beautiful have enormous emotional value as they chart the course of the last 10 years of my life. They are currently occupying a whole room in my house which would be much better used as a studio for all the writing, drawing, painting and sculpting I never have space for. Sample sale time! Karmic Klean!

Done! Done! Done! I now have my very own teeny tiny little studio and I spend hours there every night with my music, my paints and my phone. Perfect.

6: Travel. Always a pleasure, never a chore. The world is my oyster. LA is to be the new destination of choice for 2010. Skinny mocha chocca double decaff soya lattes here I come!

Ginger #1 and I went, saw and conquered. We had a rocking time!

7: Accept, relax and enjoy. As I gain in years and experience it seams that I spend too much time battling the inevitable. Sometimes it is so much better to practice acceptance and have faith that your life will be the best it can be if you smile. Easier said than done but a nice thought none the less!

Well when I was in India I did feel just like that. And when I got back I felt a bit like that for about 3 weeks.

8: Laugh. Often and deeply. It makes the bad stuff better and the good stuff great. Also very good for your stomach muscles.

Fair amount of laughing done last year. Not enough to save my back.

9: Be nicer to Amiee. She insisted on that one and I am never one to look a challenge in the face and back down.

Not too hard as she is in LA… If I am mean she cries. Not a good sound down the phone so I try to avoid it.

Save the best till last…..10: Be the best mother I can to my two beautiful children. Show them fun, laughter and all the love I have.

Tried really really hard. And they are both still tell me they love me every night (I have trained them well to feed my need) so quite pleased about that one.

Resolutions 2011

1: I am not going to buy any clothes, bags or accessories for a year. bObviously this does not include any of my own Sara Berman pieces which as an ambassador for my brand I clearly need to wear. Clearly. Same goes for N.Peal. Obviously. No one in the office believes me on this but we are about 4% of the way through the year and I am going strong.

2: I am going to give something from my wardrobe to charity every week.

3: Travel more! I am going to take Ginger #1 to India. I want her to see the world and realise that what she has isn’t the norm. Obviously I want Ginger #2 to see that too but right now he is still under the impression that privelige is an extra Jelly Baby before dinner.

4: I am going to sort out my body. This year it will happen. Yoga maybe? Pilates? Once a week. Fucking boring shitty resolution.

5: Accept, relax and enjoy. I want to try this one again. But this time maybe it would be good to add in a bit about not rushing things too. All in good time.

6: Laugh. I’ll have that one again too.

7: Be the best mother I can to my two beautiful children. Show them fun, laughter and all the love I have… And that.

30% down on the resolutions this year. I blame the weather.


  1. mildly more successful than my attempts! I don't know why I bother..

  2. Im still feeling the be nicer to Amiee one.
    Job not done well enough.......xx

  3. I´ve just found your shop and your blog in the internet and since I collect jackets and coats in Harris tweed my bank account is shivering with fear.
    Well, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful clothes!
    Marie in Stockholm

  4. Thanks Marie! My wonderful fashion fairies back at HQ have told me about your order too - I hope you're really happy with the Lou Trench. I love mine and wear it FAR too much!!