Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer Winter Love

Hello, Bernie here! It has been a while since I’ve posted so thought I would update you all on the brilliance of AW11. Last time I had just finished the look books and after a few changes and drafts we all decided on the best layout and got them back to the office in a couple of days, very exciting stuff and they look gorgeous! 

Once they arrived we very quickly sent them out again – envelopes, press release and address stickers galore. Then the waiting game, trying to work out when they would arrive with the magazines and who would be starting the AW11 shoot call ins, it is very strange to be excited about Harris Tweed coats and leather gloves when its so sunny but that’s just the way the fashion year goes!

Anyway, everyone loved the look books, the AW11 shoots have started and our samples are all over the world being shot. With the tweeds, leathers, liberty dresses and variety of accessories whatever the shoot we have something to fit in! Of course SS11 is still going strong and has been so successful but it really is very pleasing when you have a whole collection of new beautiful things to work with.  We have some very nice features coming up in September and I will get them onto here for you all to see asap! 

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  1. That leopard print bag is stunning!