Friday, 24 June 2011

Danielle's Nightmare Continental Airlines Journey

Danielle received some bad news this week and so immediately booked on to the next available flight to get her back home to Pittsburgh (via Newark airport) to be with her family. 

Unfortunately, upon arrival at Newark Danielle learns that her flight to Pittsburgh and ALL subsequent flights are cancelled. Not what you want when you're trying to get home as quickly as possible to join your family in grieving. But her woes don't end there... 

Getting her family on the case they quickly learn that there are no flights to any surrounding cities or from any surrounding cities. What on earth could have happened for all these flights to be cancelled?!

So, Danielle thinks about renting a car but quickly decides that's a bad idea considering how long the drive is and just how tired she is! Next idea... trains! Nope, last train to Pittsburgh left as the time was being looked up.

Finally there is light at the end of the travel nightmare tunnel. Danielle's brother books her onto the Greyhound bus that leaves Newark at 10pm and will get her to Pittsburgh for 6am. So with a sigh of relief Danielle makes her way to the train station to catch the train that will get her from Newark airport to the Newark Greyhound station. Oh... the trains aren't working. Apparently no trains in the whole of New Jersey are working?!?!

Last we heard from Danielle, she was on the bus that would get her to the Greyhound station with moments to spare.

We have all our fingers and toes crossed for you D and hope you can get to your family soon.

Lots of love

All of us at SB xx


  1. Oh no! this is awful!!!! hope you get home soon Danielle xxx

  2. omg how annoying! hope you make it back home somehow....

  3. I have had a similar experience and there is just nothing worse. I feel for you!

  4. really not what you need. i hope you make it to your family real soon

  5. Oh hunny!! Ibet you don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

  6. Are you going to get a refund for all that hassle?

  7. Hope you donn't have the same issues getting back! x