Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year Retail Therapy

Its been a crazy month for me and I apologize for the blatant lack of communication. The whole giving birth thing has slightly sidetracked me.
I like to think that I am tuned in to my emotional side and as the mother of a newborn I am very aware of the perils of post natal depression. I do believe that prevention is the best cure so I am taking every precaution and investing heavily in myself right now. In my opinion retail therapy is as valid as cognitive and I am sparing no expense. The main benefactor of my diligence is Natalie Massenet. I have abstained for 9 months and now that I am no longer carrying the equivalent of a small cat and the sales are raging… Game on.
Any baby blues are banished by the sight of that dapper little NAP man in his smart black van pulling up at my doorstep.
We are now on first name terms, in fact he is even giving me style tips and is happy to wait whilst I try on and give a twirl. Yesterday he even recommended I ‘may also like’ the Alexander Wang Velour vest to go with my new skirt. Now that’s a service for you. Is NAP the best company in the world? (That is not a rhetorical question).

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