Monday, 19 April 2010

The Frustrating Incident Of The Volcanic Ash And Fleas

As a rule I try to write this blog about work and not my life in general but due to force majeure my work is on hold. I have spent the last 2 weeks in Tel Aviv and now we can't leave for the foreseeable future due to Icelandic ash. To be fair, I have been stuck in worse situations and am really quite chuffed to be forced to enjoy an extra week’s holiday. However it must be noted that Iceland is proving to be a royal pain in the arse of late. It is quite amazing that such a small country could warrant so much trouble. First their banks go bankrupt, then their country follows suit, they rob a whole bunch of British and Dutch pensioners of their life savings and now their apparently inactive volcano goes and erupts causing chaos and havoc to pretty much everything and everyone. Surely this teeny tiny country is disproportionately irritating by anyone’s standards?

To add insult to injury the fabulous Persian rug which I bought (after considerable and very skilled bartering- for only 1000 shekels -about 200 quid) from a Syrian street vendor, has flees. Afore mentioned flees are now suspected to be living in my 6 year old daughter's hair, which after three days in the same plaits now resembles Dave-the-dreadlocked-dad from school.

The fabulous Persian rug

The vacuum cleaner is broken and insists on spewing more dirt out than it manages to suck up and I am not entirely sure if the dishwasher is done for too, or if I keep forgetting to turn it on. Either way my dishes are dirty, the floor is a mess and the flat is likely a flee pit. This is what happens when I don't I go work!

And just so you understand the enormity of the situation - what with me playing house wife over here, Amiee has popped off to live in LA for a year or so to run SB USA. Obviously I am already missing her to madness but it will be great for the business and I shall be forced to spend time over in sunny California. Very tough. Maybe I will go straight from here!

She just Sykped me to let me know that she is going to Lake Shrine this afternoon. Apparently some amazing spiritual place where according to Amiee the Dalai Lama is buried. Or maybe Ghandi.  She wasn't 100% sure which one but it is a place to go if you want to find yourself. Or various dead spiritual leaders. Five days in LA and she goes all Californian on me.

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