Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcanic Ash - An Update

So we were offered a flight out of Tel Aviv at 4pm today. They said the flight would be due to land in the UK about half an hour after the airspace was predicted to open. Note the word 'predicted'. Basically we have been offered the once in a lifetime opportunity to test out the durability of BA’s 747 engine as it attempts to fly through thickening volcanic ash towards an airspace which may or may not be open. Once we get below the ash to about 50000ft we might also get to see Willy Walsh waving from his corporate jet which would be nice. At some point we hope to land. If we are super lucky we could find ourselves diverted to a random European country with a shit load of luggage, a bad back (whole other story but enjoying slow release morphine tablets so all’s well), two exhausted and likely screaming kids and nowhere to go. At this point we will be faced with a number of appealing options:

1: Ignore my youngest child’s propensity to car sickness and join the waiting list for a hire car.
2: Find a train route home and then bustle for four seats all together on it.
3: Spend £5K on a taxi. Maybe John Cleese is done with his.

The challenge is that these choices must be made at about 10pm at night with no knowledge of the country you have been assigned to land in. Challenge Anneka!

The booby prize is a space on deck a ship with a woolly blanket and some fleas for company. Maybe I should bring the rug...

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