Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shooting From The Hip

I usually love shooting our look book but for some reason I woke up on Friday in a seriously bad mood. Maybe with this month’s crazy lunar cycle my head was in Uranus or perhaps it was just the 6am start with ginger #2 and a healthy dose of sciatica which started my day off so well. Either way, by the time Grandfather (our uber stylist so-called because she is married to a man who is such an old woman we call him Nana) arrived at my front door carrying half a mannequin and a piece of toast I was so hyped up at the idea of 26 shots to do in 1 day with an untested photographer and a Lithuanian model of limited English that I literally burst into tears and had to be herded into the car with my head under a blanket.

By the time we arrived at the studio I was under control. Grandfather explained to me that these things are sent to test us and should I get through this gruelling day of makeup, models and camera flashes I would undoubtedly be a stronger person for it.

The studio was great and settled us in with cups of tea and then the photographer Dan popped his head round the door to say hi and check the schedule. Well blow me down if he wasn’t just about the most beautiful creature to hit planet fashion in, well ever. Clearly this made the day a whole lot more fun. We all took turns in flirting brazenly with Delightful Dan who was totally oblivious and took the most wonderful photos. Dan Pothecary. He’s so hot right now…

The day went off really well. Our Lithuanian model spoke fluent English, the clothes looked amazing and utterly restored my fragile artistic ego to its optimum state of ‘satisfied’ and Grandfather managed to get us our 26 shots with no hassle at all. See photos below for a taster.

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