Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Curious incident of the Rat in the Studio

It all started with the expensive chocolates. These were a gift from a happy customer and had been sitting on the counter in all their gold be-ribboned finery in anticipation of an appropriate moment to indulge. We came in on a Monday a couple of weeks ago and the chocolates were gone. The box was there and intact but the chocolates and their lovely sexy wrappings were nowhere to be seen. There was doubt and mistrust. Which greedy person had committed this heinous crime?

The mystery went unsolved leaving a bitter aftertaste of uncertainty in the studio. Until yesterday morning. We came in to mayhem in the kitchen. Cereal boxes overturned, biscuits everywhere. Basically the place had been ransacked by a crazy nocturnal beast. So we called in the Rat Man. He quickly came scurrying over. So very rodent-y with small beady eyes which I swear were tinged with yellow and a nose which moved from side to side as he spoke with a slight flare in the nostrils. His passion for his craft was doubtless and he set about tracking down this creature with gusto that was in all honesty quite hard to relate to! ‘It will not get away’ he promised. I know rats and they know me. It will be mine.’ Oh dear!

And then we remembered the chocolates… ‘Could this rat in all possibility stolen our chocolates?’ we asked doubtfully. ‘Oh yes. One this large would simply eat them wrapping and all.’ Great.  The glamorous world of fashion.

Picture courtesy of angelratdesigns


  1. lets give the rat a name. How about Betsy? Red B.

  2. Looks more like a boy to me! Jean-Paul?

  3. Jean-Paul! I like it! For those seeking an update, Jean-Paul has been back and made off with more delicious treats. Time to invest in some tupperware...