Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pomp and Ceremony

So Monday night I went to the House of Commons and gave a speech for a charity called The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET). HET works to educate people of the dangers of unchecked discrimination and ensures that the lessons of the Holocaust are spread. This amazing charity has been lucky enough to secure government  funding to take 2 post 16 year old students from every school in the country to visit the Auschwitz –Birkenau death camps and see with their own eyes the true depth and breadth of the Nazi death machine and the absolute horror and evil of the crimes perpetrated against humanity. It is an increasingly relevant cause and I am a great supporter of all the work they do so I was honoured to be asked to say a few words to mark the milestone of 10,000 students benefitting from their work.

I was also pretty excited to be speaking  in the House of Commons. Speakers house to be exact. Now that’s an office for you! Full on Gothic style, river view, loads of quite stern looking dead peers staring down from the vaulted ceiling... It even has an en-suite bedroom which is where the King or Queen-in -waiting stays the night before their coronation. Which means that the last time anyone slept in that bed was in 1952! Obviously I was in there like a shot… Check me out in the Lurve Chamber of The Palace of Westminster! Lucky I am not a politician… I would never be able to resist that one!

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  1. what an amazing place and that bed!.... I would have been sorely tempted to jump on it!