Friday, 23 July 2010

An Interview With Dan

Morning all. Instead of reading my musings I wanted to post an interview with the wonderful artist Dan Balwin. We are working with Dan in an ongoing collaboration and I thought you might enjoying reading about him, his work and what he is up to. I personally feel very, very privelidged to be working with him as I am always blown away by his work. Actually we came together in the first place because he spied that I had used one of his images as inspiration for our Thumbelina collection (Sara Berman SS09) and got in touch to say he loved the context and that we clearly had loads in common. This triggered a whole conversation on our work and inspirations and we felt that a collaboration would be a really fun thing to do. So read on and for the uninitiated  you are in for a treat.... fall in love with his work.... This guy is magic.

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