Tuesday, 20 July 2010

L.A Tales

As you may well be aware Amiee is now living and working in L.A. She has taken on the task of opening a Sara Berman office over there and building our US business. This is all rather fabulous and of course a wonderful opportunity for me to go and check out our new operation. So I decided to make a girls trip out of it and my daughter Lulu and I packed up and hopped across the pond for a week. Some of highlights below….

 ‘Are you famous in London?’ the Fat Pap wants to know….

‘The good news is that I only have to replace your bumper. The bad news is that the Paramedics advise you not to move your leg under any circumstances until they get here and unfortunately for you that’s my dogs blanket my sister has just lodged under your head.’ (Amiee’s misguided attempt to comfort the man who’s car she has just rammed from behind as he was innocently loading his ‘trunk’  and was laying prone on the filling station forecourt in 90 degree heat….. I simply didn’t have the heart to whip out my camera and snap him in the name of the blog. For some reason my moral compass was set to ‘sympathetic’ as opposed to selfish. Rare but does happen occasionally.)

Check out the Boys in Blue! My new BF’s.

And all the fabulous stores we are now working with in the City of Angels…… It will surely not be long until we rule the world! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa (creepy laugh).

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  1. another day another Sara Berman scrape. Keep them coming, I love to read them!