Friday, 18 November 2011

Danielle's Red Carpet Moment

Hi Everyone! It’s Danielle here. I wanted to highjack Sara’s blog this week so that I could publicly thank her for something amazing that she did for me this week. First, though, my confession...I am a HUGE Twilight fan. This is something, as a grown woman, I should probably be embarrassed about and keep to myself but I seem to have no shame. I would like to apportion some of the blame for my obsession on our online marketing coordinator. It turns out she had discovered Twilight at around the same time as me and we each fed off the other’s enthusiasm until our excitement for a good book had turned into a hardcore obsession not only with Twilight but with a certain British actor. While the rest of the SB team shakes their heads in amusement at us, we carried on unabashed.
As many of you will know (or have heard), the London premiere for the first part of the final instalment, Breaking Dawn, was this past week. And the two big stars, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner would both be there! Despite entering every competition we could find and trying to come up with any plan that would get us in, we were feeling no love from the movie gods. But as it turns out, our scheming did not go unnoticed. We found out on Monday that Sara just happens to have a connection with a ticket fairy and that fairy was able to sprinkle some magic ticket dust around and conjure us up two tickets to the premiere on Wednesday night!! Yes, that’s right, we were going to get to walk the red carpet at the London premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1!!
I can’t tell even begin to tell you how excited I was for Wednesday night. Outfit carefully chosen (SB of course!), hair and make up artfully done, we arrived for our big moment.

(I mean, this could be the moment RPattz falls in love with us and whisks us away!) What a big moment it was thanks to this being one of the biggest movie premieres ever hosted in London. Not only were RPattz and Tay Tay there but KStew (or Kristen Stewart for those not in the know) put in an appearance as well. And while RPattz was kept busy with interview and pictures so that we didn’t get our moment, we were able to sneak a few cheeky pictures of me with the background at least.

So a massive thank you to Sara and her awesome ticket fairy for giving us this amazing opportunity. And just a reminder...Twilight Breaking Dawn, part 2 is in 1 year and counting!

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