Thursday, 3 November 2011

Such great hair....

I am currently almost nine months pregnant so it takes something truely special to drag me from my sofa.... But safe to say the rather sexy Bernard-Henri-Levi speaking at the Bicom dinner at the Royal Courts of Justice is quite that something special. Philosopher, Intellectual, Political envoy, Activist and possibly one of the most important men of our generation.... Such great hair. Maybe it is the hormones surging through my body but this man has hair a girl could run her fingers through. Such volume! Didn't understand a word he said but I managed to look intelligent, involved and most importantly my waters didnt break and my exit was elegant. Surely those are the important things when dealing with issues of world peace, political uprising and freedom of the press?... Unfortunately he dashed off before I could instigate a Q & A as I did have some rather

pressing questions... I wonder if he uses Baptiste? Sounds French, non? Such great hair.

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