Wednesday, 8 September 2010

DIY Rocks

Another eventful night in the life of Sara Berman except this time it was spent in my living room assembling a bed for Amiee who arrives from LA today. Now you need to understand that Jews and DIY are not often found in the same sentence. Try to imagine Woody Allen dealing with a hammer and know that certain things should never happen. However for some reason I love DIY (surely this indicates rogue blood? As well as my surprisingly aryan looking children) and nothing makes me happier than an evening assembling cheap furniture.

Over the years I have somehow managed to transfer if not a love of DIY then most definitely an appreciation of the achievement of making something out of substandard plywood and (not quite enough) screws to my husband who now takes it upon himself to project manage these endeavours. This generally means that he comes over all OCD and takes all the components out of the packet, lines them up in groups, counts them all out and gets very over excited and self righteous when he (inevitably) finds shortages and omissions. And last night was no different. To be fair, and thanks to Handsome’s meticulous system, we were aware from the off that a vital screw was missing. We just were not entirely clear on where it was missing from. 

Unfortunately and after several hours assembling our master piece it became apparent that it was the Big Daddy of screws-the one that should run through the centre of the bed holding the cross bars together. Hmmm. No bouncing!

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  1. what a wonderful sister you are! Mine would drive me crazy if she had to stay with me