Friday, 17 September 2010

Fashion Week.... The story so far.

In case you were worried that my world had shrunk as small as my Spanx fear not. My brain is alive and well and juggling the many balls of London Fashion Week. Day one took me to the House of Commons yesterday to pontificate on the Value of British Fashion at the launch of the BFC’s report. Actually this is a subject I know a little about (11 years building a brand and working with UK manufacturers will teach you a thing or two) and have a genuine passion for. Which is probably why the BFC were good enough to invite me. What with my visit back in June I am getting rather blasé about this whole parliament thing and I think this was reflected in my slightly more relaxed sartorial style this time around.

Sorry the image is so fuzzy... Photos were not allowed and there were policemen everywhere. Luckily Amiee managed to befriend one.

My afternoon was spent with the lovely Adam Holdsworth who is the CEO of N.Peal and effectively my boss. Well actually he is totally my boss but I have issues with control so we use that term very carefully. As Creative Director I have the best job ever creatively directing huge amounts of super soft cashmere into sweaters and cardigans. This is A LOT of fun and also means that I am swaddled in N.Peal cashmere all year round. Yesterday was our major review day where we ruthlessly chop through the collection and throw away anything that isn’t ridiculously fabulous. The rest shall mysteriously find its way to my ‘trial’ wardrobe ‘for further review’. The collection does look wonderful and that is always a major rush. I cant wait to have it all!

Not content with the morning in Parliament and the afternoon laying around in cashmere I managed to squeeze in a quick school run, attend a parent teacher talk (what is it about that particular interaction which makes one itch to be naughty? It’s similar to that need to whine in front of your parents no matter how old you are but somehow even more pathetic) and whizz Ginger # 1 home in time to make it to Fenwick Bond St for the opening of their new restaurant Bond and Brook.

They have done a wonderful job of making this into a stylish and rather cool eaterie but to be honest there were so many people jostling for canapés and champagne (I love a traditional ‘do’! Nothing like a bellini to take the edge off) that the restaurant was entirely obscured by outfits. I am sure that the charming Mark Fenwick wouldn’t have it any other way.

Day one done. Not bad!

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