Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Party Party

Last night kicked off the first of the London Fashion Party Season in spectacular style with Elle magazine’s 25th anniversary party. I had a particularly busy day at the studio implementing last minute changes to our Spring Summer collection brought on by inspiration borne of insecurity which resulted in a rethink of an entire story 3 days before we start our London sales. This meant I rushed home to the kids (feeling slightly high as one does after trashing 6 months work and stating afresh with 3 days to go) and allowed myself to get smeared in Bolognese kisses before dashing upstairs to adorn myself in my new Dan Baldwin Candice Dress and Alba Clutch which I have been itching to wear since we designed it way back in Feb.

I also convinced Handsome to come along with me which should be noted as a major feat of marital point scoring. Although I am not sure if I get the points for negotiating attendance or if he gets the points for coming. The great irony is that he is the party animal whereas I am usually the one that needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into any gathering of more than 5 close friends (I am sure there is a complicated phobia word for that but let’s just put it down to early attachment from my mother’s breast and leave it at that).

Anyway, I digress because for once this was an invite I was thrilled to accept for a number of reasons: 1- I do rather love Elle and was quietly rather gratified to be invited. 2 - It was held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery where there is currently an exhibition of works by Alice Neel that I have been meaning to see since it opened in July and 3 - There was also a talk with Dame Viv of Westwood who I love and consider a true great (someone who worked for her once told me that they thought Sara Berman was the next VW and I have been hugging that misguided but utterly wonderful compliment close to my heart ever since). So there we found ourselves, Handsome and I jostling for champagne with the great and the good of British fashion. Blast and a half.

Well the exhibition was truly excellent and VW was truly hilarious. The people were fabulous and I bumped into a whole load of the usual suspects getting into their stride for the season. The outfits were fabulous and I spotted no less than 3 Sara Berman bags being toted by the mavens of fashion (always a good sign). I was pleased to have gone for bold with my Dan dress. As my mother always says - Better to be looked over than overlooked. Indeed.

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