Friday, 3 September 2010

Sara and the BFC/Elle Talent Launch pad

Call me a do-gooder or simply a fashion busy-body but I can't help but be excited about being involved in the British Fashion Council's new and exciting venture in collaboration with Elle Magazine which will give new young designers a stylish leg up the fashion ladder. I have been very lucky in my own career and it is a privilege to be asked to contribute to the success of these up and coming talents.

The BFC / ELLE Magazine Talent Launch Pad 2010 Selection Panel

Actually the judging day for this was waaaaaay back in June but we were all sworn to secrecy in case a leak of the shortlisted winners might cause a threat to public security. It was a really fun day as my fellow judges were people I have had the pleasure of knowing and often working with over a number of years – planet fashion is rather a small place. It was pretty tough call to select the best of the bunch not least because sometimes a great designer might simply not fit the criteria of the award which makes it difficult if you believe in someone but on the whole I think we did well. I can't tell you who my personal favorites are but I am very much looking forward to helping them develop and grow their businesses. I have no doubt these guys are the future.

Check out the official press release and find out who the winners are for the BFC/ELLE Magazine Talent Launch Pad 2010 here.

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